Via definitions, declarations, reflections and notable quotes of leaders who sought and became the change they wished to see, this is the dream of I AM I HAVE: 40 Days to Business Excellence. Develop Godly Character to Improve Your Bottom Line.

In a world of busyness to get business done, somewhere along the line of hyper communicating texts and email interruptions we have lost our way to pausing and a depth in relationships in the marketplace.

It’s time to hit “REBOOT!” and take a step back to gain two steps forward. DARE to start. DARE to be an example today by stepping out on water with Jesus for the next 40 days!

Be humble in your confidence and courageous in your character.

  • What if you had a blueprint to build your character?
  • What if you and your family developed the same skills together?
  • What if those in the marketplace also took note and followed leaders?
  • What if your whole industry bought into the idea that developing character first would develop your organization’s effectiveness and increase your bottom line?

Such a heart change could trigger a spiritual revolution.


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