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Hello, I’m Jeff Richfield.

I’m a ‘seek God first’ entrepreneur (a GodPreneur) who transitioned from financial hardship in 2011 to building an 8-figure roofing business in 2022. I sold my business in March 2023 in an 8-figure exit deal with a national roofing brand. My passion in life is to lead people to Jesus and empower the people of God’s kingdom to take back territory from the enemy.

Jeff learned at a very young age that God had a call on his life to “Advance the Kingdom” and his vehicle of choice is Contracting and coaching contractors too teach them wealth building skills that propel them to live out their calling, and fulfill their family legacy.

“My mission is to Empower each individual to discover their God-given purpose,  Equip each to find their unique calling, Identify their natural and spiritual gifts, and then Release them to manifest God’s Kingdom on earth.”

Jeff Richfield - Entrepreneur


For the past 10 years Jeff has owned and operated Music City Roofers, an 8 figure roofing and contracting business, that has over 40 superstar employees earning a reputation for unmatched professionalism and outstanding customer satisfaction along with several awards including, GAF Master Elite Contractor, Conklin’s President’s Award, Best Nashville Contractor Award, Angie Super Service, and over 1000 5-Star Google reviews.

In early 2023, Jeff’s company was acquired by Feazel Roofing, rated #6 in the nation with over $200M in gross revenue, and 12 offices nationwide.

In March of 2019, he founded Roofers United with the mission of uniting the roofing industry and creating 100 Christian millionaires across the United States.  

Jeff Richfield - The Godpreneur Guy


Jeff has personally coached and trained people across the United States on how to leverage their talents and skills using Kingdom Principles to become “master relationship builders” who happen to profit extraordinarily in their trade and bless the Kingdom of God.  

With over a decade of knowledge and know-how Jeff  will take you under his wing to teach you life hacks and business skills so you can finish your course well with your own unique-personalized- “Kingdom strategy.” 

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Author of Eyes Wide Open, a 40-day Business Application Guide to reboot and scale your bottom line, Prayer 7 Days a WeekScale 2 Sell It and Roof in a Box business courses.

Jeff Richfield - The Godpreneur Guy at ROOFCON


Speaker to event audiences of up to 7,500 attendees at the Win the Storm Roofing Conference, Influencer at ROOFCON and IRE, and speaker at Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America Tour on topics of business, wealth, American freedom, and God’s kingdom.

Jeff is now a staple keynote speaker in the roofing / contractor sales training convention circuit, delivering his expertise, philosophy, and secrets to success.


Jeff and his team are dedicated to ensuring that Contractors are prepared for the upcoming global economic and governmental resets, offering solutions for contractors to be decisive in best roofing business practices, client experience,  and money matters such as increasing profit and wealth preservation.

Jeff empowers people through Contractors Prayer Networks and wisdom learned experiences to help owners achieve their goals and prove their legacy. 

Jeff Richfield - The Godpreneur Guy - Investor


Jeff believes in Kingdom Investing, which involves kickstarting micro-businesses and investment opportunities with missionaries. He has established the Fond of Giving Non-Profit aiming to elevate the impoverished worldwide. Jeff’s real estate investments include flipping houses, tiny homes, AirBNBs, and the development of Eagles Landing Retreat, a Spiritual Center located on a 70-acre campus just outside Nashville, TN. 

He believes that Christians must learn to create wealth, be generous, and take territory literally for the Kingdom of God to rule and reign on earth.

Jeff Richfield - The Godpreneur Guy - Family


Jeff has been happily married to his wife, Jodi Richfield, for 33 years. They have three wonderful children: James (Baylor), Jacob, and Jessica, all of whom reside in NASHVILLE, TN.   

They are faithful members of Harvest Sound Church and part of the leadership team with the mission of expanding the church to build Eagles Landing, a 70 acre International Missions Base