silos of money

The “Silo” States of Money

There’s a phrase going around that is “Christians are weak.”

We gotta stop waiting on whose gonna be the next president and stop worshiping elections, and be the elect; the governing people.

“We gotta build the new wine skins of the ruling Ekklesia: We the People are the government of Christ’s Kingdom!

American’s are waking up and unraveling the truth that Ukraine is being used for a washing of America’s corruption rather than for Ukrainians protection.”

⁃   GOD is working something out for the nations from the ball and chain of government 
⁃   How can we pay off our part and move into our place 

Our Responsibility
⁃ Financial stress will mount up
⁃ Food will become deliberately sparse
⁃ People will print food
⁃ Push meat chicken and insects – maggot burgers ! Huge Hollywood rollout campaign
⁃ Cashless societies 2025 significant shift into palm readers

Do not be dismayed about the lying signs in skies – a craze will evident – politicians will expose UFOs files to vote for them – ufo rapture memes.

Do not fall for lies in the skies – men will say “give them UFOs while we need to focus on the real thing.

Men will revive Independence Day memes. While witchcraft and hidden practices will engulf us and some will loose their faith and worship other gods.

2 Thessalonians:
The coming of the lawless one will come with lying signs and wonders and for this reason gos will send them strong delusions to believe the lie but have pleasure in unrighteousness

The enemy will make manifest in the skies strange signs in heavens and people will tie to new age demons

An economic control is coming and with it a distraction to take our eyes off the real Jesus

We want Income for impact.

People will accept microchips to open doors and it will become mandatory to have babies microchips when delivered in hospitals – people will say this is the mark of the beast – people will get cash just to have a microchip even some pastors will fall prey to this.

Some people will get a tax liberty to take the chip. It will become expedient to have the chip for health and money and vaccines and immunity.

What does does this new world order mean?

It’s time to build Goshen. Help people Achieve wealth and not just Riches. Riches is just temporary Wealth is legacy

Revival will breakout out. We need a little kick in the backside. The church is just now waking up. There’s a little bit of righteous anger rising up.

We gotta build the new wine skins of the ruling Ekklesia the Kingdom of his government.

Things are moving so fast. The devil is like a bat out of hell. Angry. Just kicked off! The good news is he cannot if we will not

We are now at the crux of a new season looking at next 7 years left to build People for Goshen

Seeking Generational Wealth

The kind of wealth to lend to nations. Something’s gotta shift in our psyche into the currency of Holiness and purity.

I will raise up the Medes for the Babylonians. So much confusion. God is saying I’m getting ready to raise up the Medes.

Jeremiah 51:11

If The church won’t raise up the lord will raise up those who don’t know him even though they don’t know him.

I want that Mede anointing. God will raise up someone to raise up His name above seeking silver and gold.

Jeremiah 51 verse 11 arrows

Make the arrows bright! Gather the shields! The LORD has raised up the spirit of the kings of the Medes. For His plan is against Babylon to destroy it, Because it is the vengeance of the LORD, The vengeance for His temple.

God will raise up another faith or country to accomplish his will.

He did it with Israel. He will do it with America.

Jehovah will raise up another faith to act out his vengeance when his church won’t move. I hope you heard this. We need a Mede of Persia anointing.

Behold, I will stir up against them the Medes, who have no regard for silver and no desire for gold. King James Bible Behold, I will stir up the Medes against them, which shall not regard silver; and as for gold, they shall not delight in it Have no regard for silver or gold.

If money grips you and it is the most important thing to you then you may have a problem called an idol.

Let me say I know monies important but when you hold onto it and when you have to rethink your tithe you may not in flow with the Spirit.

God has tested me and he continues to do so. Money cannot move you where god is taking you.

There may be a day when God asks you – “do you know that $100,000 in your bank account I want you to sow it.” If you can’t sow it you’re not in the Mede spirit. In Dubai They buy assets with gold and silver. If money has a grip on your heart if money has a grip on your decisions you may not be qualified to step into this mede of Persian anointing that I’m talking about.

This anointing is for people with money and finances where it does not grip their heart. Behold I will stir up against the spirit of Babylon against the Medes who have no regard for silver or gold.

I wanna pray for you.

Make a vow to the Lord. Build gods house then he will build yours. Use your money for the kingdom of god. Let it pass straight into the kingdom. Let’s sow some seed. He’s raising up faithful sowers. As we break into the new season $1M will not move us. You’ll never grow into the area you’re not moving in or sowing into. Something has to shift in our mindset called faith.

Just become a consistent sower in your local church to your friends to those you meet. FeedThe poor the afflicted the sick. The homeless. Don’t question what they’re going to do w the money. Give to the poor learn how to sow.

See money as something to sow then it begins to grow.

I can see the hand of the Lord going through Nations watching and looking for sowers

When he sees this capacity he sees the sacrificial seed blessing the hungry 🤤. Wake up and ask who can I bless today? Where can I sow today? The day we wake up and ask where can I give ? That day a new Christian is born. Be wise of course. Who can I support to bless? Where in your kingdom do you need my seed? That’s a mede of Persia mindset. You have no regard for gold or silver

When you live your life looking to fill your need you’ll never be a Mede – when talking about your need.

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to medes to take my place

God bless you.